Friday, November 9, 2012

Four More Years

Gosh, wouldn't it be nice to have an administration that can go just 48 hours without a scandal or coverup?

It seems the only time classified information about our national security gets protected is when it protects Obama's end goals. This administration could release all of the details of the bin Laden raid 24 hours after the fact--with no concern for operational repercussions or the safety of the special forces involved--but it takes several days (including Election Day, shock) to reveal that Iran attacked one of our military drones.

Plus, it seems that it's just fine for the government to release sensitive operational details to Hollywood directors making a movie glorifying Obama's role in the bin Laden raid. But if the actual Navy SEAL heroes of the raid collaborate with a video game maker, they're reprimanded and docked pay.

Think about it. Who would be more careful about protecting the classified and sensitive nature of operations? Some schmuck whose greatest risk was deciding which hallucinogen to take in college, or the American patriots who've given their lives to protecting the nation. Which one is more likely to know what's safe to talk about and what's not?

Who really has skin in this game? If this is what the first three days are like, just imagine the next four years.

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