Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Bitter Pill

Wow. I truly am stunned by the election results last night. It's not so much that Obama won--it's that he won so quickly and so completely.

Not only that, but my beloved Virginia couldn't overcome the overwhelming liberal majority in Fairfax County, which is where the election was truly lost. And once again the Commonwealth is colored blue.

Beyond all the political ramifications and legitimate concerns for the nation and its electorate, I'm most heartsick at the fact that a truly good man was defeated by an enigma. Mitt Romney is an honorable, decent, honest American. His words matched his works--his love of country drove his campaign.

And America voted against this.

Well done, Mitt and Ann. Thank you for giving America hope and for reminding us what it's like to have faithful, classy, and honest leaders so close to the White House.

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