Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ratings Roulette

It will be interesting to see the ratings numbers from night two of the DNC convention. They put potentially their most effective speaker--Bill Clinton--up against the opening night of the NFL.

And night three, featuring Obama, is pitted against the MTV Video Music Awards, which could draw the 18-24 crowd. Obama's endless talk of student loans (as if that's the biggest problem out there) could fall on deaf ears as his targeted youth vote tunes out politics for entertainment.

Now, the VMA's could turn into an Obama love-fest, which isn't totally out of the question. And I think the youth vote is perpetually overrated in elections.

But I think the campaign is quickly learning that this isn't 2008. And whether it's the half-empty campaign kick-off or a poorly scheduled convention, not even Obama will be able to fill a stadium or warrant the undivided attention of the public this time around.

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