Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney Leads, Obama Follows

Romney is speaking on the Libya situation and is sounding more like a president than the current President. He's talking about strength, freedom, the White House's mistakes, and not taking anything from the press. The only beef I have is that they should have waited until after Obama spoke. Now Obama can use Romney's statement and temper his own statement to reply/flank Romney's. Transcript to come.

The media went after him and after him, asking why he's "politicizing" this when we should all stand together--in the media's estimation, regardless of how irresponsible, weak, or confusing the Obama administration is. He's politicizing? Who has a campaign stop in Las Vegas today while the Middle East explodes? Who's the one running around on late night shows and taking calls from rappers while ignoring the Israeli leader?

Guess those intelligence briefings are seeming pretty important today.

UPDATE: Wow, guess there was no reason to worry about when Romney came out. Obama just made his statement and said basically nothing. He offered condolences (of course, who wouldn't) and spoke at length about our military (mostly from the convention speech and in a desperate attempt to pander to America). But he mostly talked about himself--what he did, who he saw yesterday for 9/11 (just in case anyone missed it).

"Justice will be done," he said. What does that mean? Could we possible have a strong condemnation without being couched around his deep respect for Islam? If the situation weren't so serious, it might be entertaining to see how they get out of this one.

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